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We manage to believe that quality food is a basic precondition for healthy and full-fledged life. We are aware of our responsibility and all of our knowledge and effort is directed to these goals.

Thank you, our business partners, for an opportunity to work with you and to jointly take care of distributing quality food to consumers.
Your trust engages us and motivates to work better and more professionally.

Assortment offer

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  • Salads
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New in the offer KORO Delicacy

Tasty snack

For all who like to enjoy a varied combination of delicacies, excellent salads, quality cheese, salami, egg and rich sky, we have prepared NEWS: Delicacy and spicy delicacy.

The news is packed in a practical fork pack, which will greatly contribute to the ease of use and popularity of the customers. We have been trying to prepare the packaging in an interesting design so as to enrich the range of products in your business service

Product award Quality Food

Valuation of our work

We are pleased to inform you, our company has been awarded the SK Quality Label for the Puff Pastry - cerealand and Tartar steak spread. During the Agrokomplex 2015 exhibition we also received the QUALITY FOOD mark for our other products: Chickpeas spreads horseradish, Chickpeas spreads_egg and Chickpeas spreads_spicy.

Product valuation We value our SK brand quality as a result of our efforts to develop and market high-quality Slovak products that are made of premium raw materials and help customers to live better and healthier.

Healthy and tasty Nature Line

Grocery for healthier life

Through non-chemically grown foods made from health-conscious raw materials, we can jointly work to prevent the spread of dangerous civilization diseases. Our company also understood this role and we therefore decided to make every effort to develop products that will help consumers to live healthier. Under the new KORO NATURE LINE brand, we will be launching on the market only chemically-free products made from raw materials that have a positive health effect.

As the first products under the KORO NATURAL LINE brand, we bring on market great spread of chickpeas to show that even healthy foods can be extremely taste. Chickpeas is plant that has been spreading humanity for 7,000 years and today we are re-discovering its great qualities. Look at the NATURE LINE menu “HERE“ or visit our website www.natureline.sk

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